Of Inverness

The Devil Is Here In The City

Some years ago my partner was arranging an exam for someone from the rural West Highlands. She explained that the exam would have to be sat in Inverness, the closest exam centre.

Her student displayed signs of anxiety at this suggestion and expressed the fear that the exam centre may be subject to terrorist infiltration because after all ‘you never knew what to expect from those people who lived in Inverness.’

How Did Satan Spread His Wings?

Being horrified can become satisfying state when the space horror occupies is located elsewhere.

The Devils relationship with witchcraft is abscent from the traditional peasant belief system of the West of Scotland. It develops late in the early modern period and stems from an elite urbanised lowland culture.

When it is found, much later in Western Highland oral narrative, I wonder if part of what made the Devil attractive to storytellers was Satans association and relationship with elsewhere, specifically, the nature of being in a lowland town or city?



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