Typical Girls

Going to look at one example from a theme found in Scottish and Irish story telling known as the ‘good wife saved from the fairies’.

Normally I look at texts from a historical perspective but have found that my sense of time has beeen somewhat disrupted of late and I find the past in the present.

“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels,”


“just made my day Pam”.


Mayor of Clay responding to a post about Michelle Obama. Mayor, has resigned, the town keen to present a different image. one council member extended an open invite to come and see the town before making judgment on it.

“If I knew you would come, I would bake a cake. We’re very decent people,” she added.”

Refrain from making a judgement, I will instead make a contrast with the concept of the ‘good wife’ in Scottish traditional culture.

The ape in heels comment was first defended as not being racist on the grounds that it was an individual perspective of beauty and the commintator did not find Michelle Obama attractive.

That comment does not really fit my Scottish sense of the subject. I would expect it to convey a moral sense, which is portrayed by the good wife performing her proper role and demonstrating her skill in,  baking, cleaning, ironing, washing up ect.

The Scottish and Irish sense would be that despite outward appreance the woman saved from the fairies can still become a good wife although the subject is presented as a dispute and debate within the community.

In this regard the American version shares this situational variation in inflection.


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