And Goodwill To All Men


“We’ve got a problem. In America the revolution is total. Not only have the people spoken and won, but the old administration, Obama and all those ghastly people, are out and the Trump people are in.

“In this country, the people have spoken, but the same players have just been shuffled around the chess board and we are still being run by the career professional political class.

“I am not sure what is going to happen over the course of the next couple of years but I suspect there’s another big seismic shock in British politics perhaps going to come at the next election.

“I suspect that the Conservative Party is not fit for the legacy of Brexit. I suspect there is going to be a genuine realignment of British politics over the course of the next three or four years.

“It is unfinished business – the people have spoken but the establishment don’t want to listen. There are great battles to be fought and I’m going to go on fighting those battles.”

To cheers he said: “For those of you who aren’t particularly happy with what happened in 2016, I’ve got some really bad news for you – it’s going to get a bloody sight worse next year.”

Nigel Farages, Festive Seismic Shock Speech


B.B.C News

The angel Gabriel from heaven came

his wings of drifted snow, his eyes aflame

The seismic shock that concerns me as a non-nationalist is Scotland leaving the U.K.

British identity in post Brexit Britian is at the moment almost exclusivly presented in right wing terms (1). Scotland by contrast not only voted to stay in the E.U. it also votes for centre left parties.

Daily drip of ‘passports and identity checks for hospital vists’, ‘tougher prison sentances for fake heros’ (people who wear military medals they are not entitled to, deserve a prison sentance of up to two years) etc. etc.

Increasing difference in the way British identity is presented and the way componant parts of the U.K. view that shared expression of identity.

If it continues its going to break down further.

All Farage offers here is stick, stick and more stick. It’s traditional to present Rudolf the reindeer with a carrot at Christmass but such traditions have clearly gone out the window in our new uncivil society.

This no surrender attitude and one sided year zero rhetoric, which masks and entirly glosses the very real social and cultural tensions within British society are a cause of  great concern.

Farages triumphant vision of Britian is an entirly unrealstic and unworkable perspective. The fantasy, very diffrent from the reality.


(1) I also note I am having to completly redefine what I think the right to be, as its extremes now increasingly seek to occupy the centre ground of right wing opinion.

I would always in the past have concidered Ronald Reagan for example to occupy a space I had nothing in common with but in regard to social conservatisim on issues like imigration his views are far more liberal than todays standard bearers of his legacy.

Moderate Conservatisim is not a term I would associate with Reagan’s social agenda, but then I have utterly underestmated how far right wing thought can go or how close to the centre of its thought its fringes have been.

From my perspective its well of the normal spectrum of opinion I traditionaly associate with the main- stream right.

Seem to be living in a period of significant historical  change, which looks like the biggest historical shift in my lifetime.

Historical revision and reassessment a normal part of such a processes. That thought does not make the new normal any less surprising or shocking.


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