Fictive Kinship

I’m now hoping my on the hoof comparison with Donald Trump and the issue of Lordship and kindred based social and political organization is a flawed imaginative error on my part.

It is customary for great lords that, when their families and kindreds multiply, their clients and their followers are oppressed, injured and wasted.


Break the formula down into three steps.

(1) Expansion.

(2)Internal strife and feuding within the kindred as the fight for internal resources grows as the kindred expands and its resource base decreases.

(3) The balancing act. Engage in aggressive expansion to act as a break on internal pressure.

Trumps political interference in U.K domestic politics looks from the outside naive. One response may be to note that it may not be naivety but necessity which is the driver.

Trump may already be at stage three straight out of the gate, if lordship and kindred based structures are indeed a comparative tool of organizational analysis.

A Kindred is not based exclusivly on genetic ties, it includes a range of relationships marriage, client status, friendship. Culturaly mediated ties are also of importance, fosterage and god parent- hood are two classic Gaelic examples of what is termed fictive kinship.

Its an old and effective form of dynamic social organization, its issues are biological in nature and relate directly to reproduction.





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