One Day Will We All Be Selling Cultural French Fries For The Science Heritige Burger Industry?

“During the Enlightnment, the great apes from Africa and Southeast Asia sparkeed an intense debate about wether these animals should be considered human or not. Language played an imortant part in these disscussions….. I will focus on one eccentric voice, Lord Monboddo……..

I am starting to drift off at the mention of eccentricity. My mind wanders to wondering if my house keys are in my jean pocket or if have I left them in my coat.


Monboddo’s worldview was built upon acient Greek philosophy and the Great Chain of Being. Nevertheless, his ideas about great apes still sound familiar to modern ears.

My only thought here relates entirly to the present; I have a large pile of washing up in the kitchen. Dealing with it now is starting to look rather inviting.

Standard H.O.S narrative frame. I drift off into outer space everytime as I find it a somewhat alien formula. Present the past as some ripping yarn from days of yore before moving on to the wonder of modernity and the modern mind.


S. Blancke, Lord Monboddo Ourang-Outang and the Orgin and Progress of Language


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