This Week I will mostly Be Reading….

Going to be reading much more science and phlosophical history over the winter. I thought I should perhaps look and see what causes ‘slips of action’, when I read.

Kill two birds with one stone as I seem to be engaged in some form of classification, I notice I also seem to do this without giving it much thought.

Put the paper I was reading down as I am predicting from its start it is intended as a general introduction for an audience not entirly familiar with the specific subject but grounded within a recognizable narrative and familiar with science history.

Looking for more specific information and detail so I am predicting I am not going to find it here.

The fact that my partner is still rather unhappy about having to wash a large pile of dishes I utterly forgot about as I became somewhat distracted in a rather detailed thesis on the subject, would tend to support that observation.

I will now be both cooking and dish washing for some nights to come.




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