Angry Hate Troll Is Angry

Paused in doing a background search on Ernst H. Kantoriwicz. Wondering why on my second search hit I come across a site with comments like this.

There’s nothing wrong with racial hatred. It builds resistance and energises our natural defensive impulses. We need more hatred not less if we are to combat the lower races and think of a future for whites.

Some explanation is required I think.

It would appear that German conservative academics fleeing nazi persecution are being deployed in contemporary alt right debates to suggest that American right-wing politics escapes the issues of the European far right which is in nature Fascist.

The claim as far as I can see seems to be that the far right in America avoids these issues and embodies distinct American values.

Claim for American exceptionalism based on the identification of a distinct historical intellectual tradition. It has a letter from the Doctor detailing it’s metal state in full,  giving it a clean bill of health.

That angry troll is getting angry is perhaps not surprising, it is after all the nature of angry troll to be angry.

But it does suggest the claim is working and the far right in America can present itself as an enemy and defense against the threat of the far right.

I wonder what a Doctor would make of that one?


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