I Never Wanted To Be Human Sized

I keep a number of blogs off the grid, to experiment with, stuff I am not sure of or often finished work makes its way to these places.


Messing about today I found an interesting theme. I think I will leave it with just the one image the format has created. Leave it on an individual scale.

Its an interesting theme to experiment with.



Transport Beyond

Sadiq Khan today ignites the independence debate by comparing Scottish nationalism to racism.

Writing in the Record, the Labour Mayor of London insists there is no real difference between voting for a separate Scotland and “trying to divide us on the basis of background, race or religion”.


Khan also compares Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP to politicians like Donald Trump who seek to fuel division.

His intervention is sure to infuriate the First Minister, who insists her civic form of nationalism is in stark contrast to the forces that drove support for Brexit in England and Trump in the US.