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Confined myself for the last 6 months to taking pictures in a very constricted space. One long road with a Tesco supermarket at one end and the number 27 bus stop at the other. Felt like a form of photographic purgatory.

On the surface its visualy boring, row after row of 1930’s council housing. I think I have just about got comfortable finding and taking shots here. Taken quite a while to get comfortable and find something within the space.

I watched the first episode of  SS-GB an adaption of Len Deighton’s thriller, where the Nazis win world war two and occupy the U.K.

One thing that I enjoyed about it is what is in part a budget constraint. Its a small cast, most of the scenes are limited to two people.

The vast scale of this altering state has to manifest itself in the small and the intimate. Not sure what to make of that thought but it seems like an idea to play with in the centre of the city where it’s monumental scope makes it larger than life.

Seems like a plan and it does not have to work but simply motivate the doing of it.

I don’t really have many monumental shots of the city. Never been sure what to do here either. But I now have a history and archive of shots I can learn from.

I notice the lack of familiarity leads to things been missed. With the shot below I seem to have focused on what I know (the light and the tree) and without much thought used the child to frame the shot. What I missed was catching more of the Waverley this way sign.

I suspect my brain would not cope processing the mix of large scale public symbolisim and the upclose and intimate. Ended as some messy half way house.

My first thought was maybe its time to finaly buy a new lens? Perhaps that would sort the isssue? Easy to reject, I can learn to work within the limitations of what I have.

Constraint and limitation is the mother of all invention.



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