The Tree


A neural network for mental orientation in ‘space, time, and person’, is now fairly well established in humans and includes widespread regions in the frontal, patietal, and temporal cortices. The network overlaps extensively with what has been termed the ‘default mode network’, which is active in ‘mind wandering’- spontaneous internal activity unrelated to the concerns of the moment.


M.C. Corballis, Language Evolution: A Changing Perspective


Dog Star

At Times I believe that my feet have been set upon a road which I shall go on following, and that slowly the centre of my being will shift over from the world of the day, from the domain of organizing and regulating universal powers, into the world of imagination… with the coming of dusk, with the lighting of the first star and the first candle.

Isak Dinesen Shadows on the Grass


P.W. Wiessner, Embers of Society: Firelight talk among the Ju/’ hoansi Bushmen

Home Becomes Indistinct When I Walk

Last post I think. This is a site for note talking rather than reading, and I have a lot of notes to take. Does not seem the place to do it.

Leave with an image not even half formed and a thought I can’t work properly into words for a title.

End at the start of it all.

Not sure if that means I will write more formaly and fully somewhere else or I just don’t need to use words in the same way.

I was trying to get a wider shot of the woods, my sight was really limited and constricted. The wood was filled with birds. Noise and movement made me less dependant on sight to see the extent of it and reach its edges.