Fabulous Animals



Sometimes I pick a song that seems to fit with the image. More often than not I use what I when I am looking at or editing a photograph.

I use music as it helps me become more abosrbed in what I am doing.

I used The Slags with a different image. The processes was slightly different than normal. Rather than becoming absorbed I could not focus on the image until half way through the song.

Experimenting more with the image above its not as strong I can focus more but no where near my normal abosrbed state, I have to think about what I am doing (absorbtion is normaly an escape from this)

Unusual effect I am not use to with music. It did the opposite of what music I like or interests me normally does.

No idea what was going through my mind, I speculate it was along the lines of why on earth am I listening to this.

The Slags seem to have that effect with me it always provokes thought and its more often than not presentsĀ  a paradox or range of contrary ideas.




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