I had to seriously fight the desire to match the above image with The Slags I Wonder which appeared On Traffic With Elves Fauns and Faries  as Chicken Fabric.

Everything seemed to scream don’t do it, forget about it, it does not fit and brings no pleasure.

On second play through seemed to be some sort of hit but I could not work out what it was. Such moments are highly uncomfortable.

Familiar with this feeeling in the past with academic research. Two ideas hit that don’t make sense, have nothing in common and provoke a sense of anxiety and deep displeasure.

I always felt taking these provoctive steps was important in developing a fresh line of thought.

Today for some reason I feel the need to back up this internal gut feeling with external sources that appear to match.

Blinding myself with science, always makes me feel better here. It gives me a fleeting sense of security and the momentary feeling that I may I have some idea of what I am doing and have choosen to forget in an effort to remain consistent.


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