Chicken Fabric (Transport or Edinburgh)


During the first years of life, interpersonal and other sensory experiences create internal neural structures in their own forms. Once established, these internal structures alter a person’s perception and experience to make them agree with the internal structures. People seek and create experiances that match their particular internal structures., and select information from the environment that most closely approximates those structures. When faced with information that does not agree with their internal structures, they deny, discredit, reinterpret, or forget that information. These maneuvers increase the sense of agreement between the internal and external worlds, but they also decrease the frequency of stimulation¬† that conflicts with internal structures, thereby decreasing the likelihood of a change in these structures. From these behaviors we might deduce that people are motivated to maintain the consonance between their internal and external worlds. An interesting series of experiments leads to the further conclusion that what is familiar, that is, what matches past experiance, is experienced as pleasurable merely for this reason.


Bruce E. Wexler, Brain & Culture, Neurobiology, Ideology, & Social Change


I would have missed out the merely at the end. It fits better with my own sense of science as a sperate culture from my own, with its own form of language, culture and storytelling tradition that can be difficult to grasp at times. Often this is just the result of the differing way it chooses to present, identify and speak about itself.

Minor disagreement and alteration is way of remebering, marking, and overcoming these difficulties, which are after all ‘merely’ cultural.


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