Prepare For Launch

Watch how the cast here coordinates movement in the opening scenes.

Notice the photographer running in from the top right to the left, before moving in the opposite direction to other cast members. I think the other actor he moves close too, may of slightly mistimed his movement before he compensates by stepping sideways and opening up the scene.


Its a theatrical technique adapting to a new medium. In the theatre space is constricted budgets are small, cast numbers are low, crowds are large.

To maintian the illusion of a large crowd on the stage, a small number of people have to assume the appearance of a larger body. You do this by synchronizing movement and keeping a measured and exact distance between each other cast member on the stage.

As an exercise its an intermediate method of developing the co-ordination needed to fill a space in this form of environment.

I don’t think as well in terms of photography as I do in movement, I can make better predictions here. But I notice the scene cuts, far faster than I would have expected, seconds before the moment when I would have pressed the button if i was shooting the scene from that angle. The photographer moving upstage has just hit a sweet spot in relation to the rest of the group. He is just about to take a close up we are not going to see as the scene cuts to the distance.

With editing techniques, my knowledge is zero so the movement comes as a surprise.

But my predictive sense of when to take a shot may be only slightly better as its not my limited experiance of taking pictures that is the great dictator.

Perfection has its issues, and my inabilty to predict means I am forced to run with what I have at a practical level rather than in the imaginary world of perfect form. Which in my case unfolds itself when  I am stupid enough to chase some undifined, unseen, ideal sense, this manifests as a lot of  hesitation, wating and then finally missing the shot as the whole scene alters.

Nothing Comes Out of The Pot But The Steam That Is In It

Criticisims role and perspective is unmoving and impractical, which is not without its uses (cheerleading and flag waving play a role in motivation); its issues lie within its mania for judgement.


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