Laban Movement Analysis

LMA is composed of four major components: Body, Space, Effort, Shape, which make up the grammar for movement “sentences,” or phrases. In this study, we focus on the Effort component, which represents dynamic features of movement, specifically the shift of an inner attitude toward one or more of four factors: Space (attention or focus), Weight (impact, overcoming resistance), Time (pacing), and Flow (on-goingness). Each factor is a continuum between two extremes: (1) Indulging in or favoring the quality and (2) Condensing or fighting against the quality.


Neural Decoding of Expressive Human Movement From Scalp Electoencephalography (EEG)


So far other than identfying the terms and noting a match. This is the most I have read. I think I will contian the bombsight and attempt to detonate and explode in a controlled manner . Go no further, read nothing more. Go back and pattern match.

It should make any error clear to see later down the road (or at least thats the plan)



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