Once Again The Search For The Elusive Big Book Entitled ‘The Answer’ Does Not Go As Expected

I just skimed through my first paper from neurobiology investigating labin movement. My hopes were high as it was looking at the same terms.

difference was the dancers it was wiring up to the machines knew the theory and the language, concern with conformation bias. A large chunk of the article expressing concern with the calibration of machines and measuring equipment.

The first part I could see the relationship. Although my concern is that in putting, memory, sensation into words for the first time translating it into one language then matching it with another, presents a similar issue with a range of further calibration, noise issues on top.

In regard to how my brain is measuring and accessing memory here, in relation to spatial awareness, muscle memory, sensation.

I have no manual or instructions here and if my mind first arrived with a telephone number giving the technical help line I appear to have misplaced it.

Translate the language of neurobiology here, rather a lot of common ground. Early day project with a keen sense of the limitations and issues. Surprised to see how similar they were to my own backroom, more basic belt and braces wet work is.

I think there may be answer to its issues with Dancers pattern matching movement with a language and theory they have a linguistically developed sense of. But I am not sure if it offers much in the way of escape from the wider issues of bias.

Music and movment are expressive. If this wordless exchange can be viewed as a communcative knowledge exchange. I don’t have the language but the person at the other end of the connection did.

I think his inclination to base the classes in this manner may have been an attempt to overcome the same issues. He was implementing and observing response with a subject with no particuular bias and inclanation to pick up on a certian aspect of the enivroment it had been taught to identify and value. He would also have adjusted and calibrated over the years, in line with those responses.

Not sure how to digest that thought yet.

In relationship to the vast diffrence thought to exist between science and art. I can’t say I particularly notice them at the moment. The moves on the dancefloor seem to be constrained by the usual biological limitations of body and mind.

(edit) Lack of focus or I am focusing on issues and not wanting  to read too heavily. I re-read and could not find a small part I was looking for, I appeared to have made that up instantly after reading. Or reached a conclusion before thinking it through.

I think the trick at this stage not to make any judgement calls in regard to wither thats an error or not. Complicated subject, at the stage of being a complete mess, the desire to talk myself out of looking further is strong.


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