Method in Madness

When things go wrong, timing is everything, you have a very small window of opportunity and a call to make that needs to be timed perfectly. You are going to have to momentarily draw attention to whats breaking absorption, and deal with it without hesitation or fear.

Trick is to try and let the initial adjustment of movement, flow from one into the other then back again into its normal course. Limiting the appearance of a break. You want to adjust, alter but not break the rhythm.

Looking for the gap and the calculations made, help submerge the grip of terror you feel in youre gut. You know it’s not always going to work but if you get the timing right one thing will flow into the other, if its slightly off, going to be a bump but you can still adjust and move straight back into the rhythm.

The ‘error’ is something you have to embrace. It has to become a part of what you are doing and become absorbed in that. Then you can move from one moment to the next.

My next trick in the real world is to disassemble and strip a £700 electronic compontent then re-assemble it in a differing form. I will almost certianly make a number of  mistakes, slips of the hand, etc., I always do, but I have no room for error, which in the past has resulted not in making a mistake but from the error of letting terror dictate my next move.

No children are present. But I have the  urge to locate the exact position of  my cat before I start.




One comment

  1. John the Plumber · June 28

    Now that’s philosophical.

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