Note (Custom Disco)

I want to avoid any attempt to trap and constrain any texts or music I might use. I think when it comes to analysis and interpretation it’s not a passive experience, what art offers to you, what are its means of analysis (as mediated by the authoritative voice of the critic)?

It’s what you bring to the party that is the important part, you’re experience and how that lends itself to altering the quality of what you hear or see.

To immediately break that spell and impose on a song what I feel. In the description of Aisling used a couple of posts back. The irish term Aisling is described as meaning either a dream or a woman. This is indeed correct.

It also references (or can be used to refrence) what inspires the poet. Dream of Ireland personified in female form was the muse of the poet who indulged in a genre of poetry beleived to be prophetic. A verse in which the shape and form of a future land would unfold.

Language and technical terms of the early poets suggests that language and what inspired had a visual quality (spoken/ performed rather than a written/ passive reader experience).

Root of the word inspire can be translated in early Welsh as breeze blown, that which is held in or on the movement of the breath. The older origin would appear to be something along the lines of a dramatic expulsion of air, as the notion of to pray and to fart result from a shared common orgin, which move in different directions over time.

Redemption here is always possible but the final sound and its quality is never a matter of certainty. Trail, error with some suprises along the way when things do not go to plan are the order of the day for all of us.


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