Throw Nothing Away

However Stupid

“Recent studies in human history, developmental psychology, animal cognition, and neurophysiology provide evidence that the emergence of zero passes through four stages.

In the first and most primitive stage, the absence of a stimulus (‘nothing’) corresponds to a (mental/neural) resting state lacking a specific signature.”

I should go back and read (or perhaps not). As I make a speculative leap into something else.

I would describe the end of engaging with a complex rythmic task I have had diffuclty mastering, as a resting processes and it certainly has provoked the question in the past, why in this place when everything is flying around do I appear to be doing nothing now in the centre of this storm?

I would have had that down as a last stage question in doing something. It now looks to be the first ‘primative’ attempt at anlysis.


Andreas Nieder, Representing Something Out of Nothing: The Dawning of Zero


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