Big Data and Leprechauns (However Stupid)

“Littlewood’s law states that a person can expect to experience an event with odds of one in a million (defined by the law as a “miracle“) at the rate of about one per month.”

Ive been wondering if I have partially digested a system of analysis aged 18 to 20 and feel it in my bones. What are the chances that in finally reaching for its language and history I may disagree with it?

Not optimistic (1).

But then I am not optimistic about improving my grasp of advanced maths and physics but I still like to read. This morning I read ” Leprechauns Are Multiplying.” A subject I can very much relate too.

One of its citations in particular made me laugh

consciousness is the way information feels when being processed.”

Dyadic Truth (An Inquiry Into Inquiry)

I skimmed the original context but with no real intention of making sense of it. Use an old school proposition, get pragmatic with belief and note that it appears true of the situation I find myself in (look at that thought from a neurobiological context later). So I can run with the idea that it should not be thrown away, for the moment.


Wiki: Littlewoods Law and Big Data

Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP, Leprechauns are Multiplying


(1) I can be optimistic that I will not get an exact match, I will have diverged from, taken information and adapted it to fit with my own internal landscape. Mix of mutual misunderstanding between myself and the subject. Both reading things differently. A situation with an altering past and present.

Unless of course miracles can happen.




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