The Leprechauns Of My Mind

Rinse and repeat. I get to listen to Tricky, go replace a toilet seat and then return too a replicating pest problem that I have to deal with in words before the day is out.

I am in a hurry.

Am on a reading embargo. I have a memory to reconstruct from the past. I can do that to a degree, there are some gaps that I am going to have to attempt to reconstruct.

Prefer to see what I have, before going any futher. I have a further complication as I can’t help letting my mind stray into any random topic I use as a building block. In this case I am feeling some friction burns in relation to pragmatisim and neurobiology.

It seems to mirror a problem I may have to deal with reading Labin. But really I have no idea; its in my mind, its doing something (I presume although I admit to drinking with my glass hafl empty in these matters). I have no idea what that ‘something’ may be but I can at least mark the time and context in which it is occuring.


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