This view persists among some scientists and linguists and is counter to the theory of evolution, which implies that the evolution of complex structures is incremental. I argue here that language derives from mental processes with gradual evolutionary trajectories, including the generative capacities to travel mentally in time and space and into the minds of others. What may be distinctive in humans is the means to communicate these mental experiences along with knowledge gained from them.


M.Corballis, Language Evolution: A Changing Perspective, Trends.Cogn. Sci, Feb 14 2017

I must confess I am interested in looking at this topic in 20th century theatre, then scurrying back in time to look at early medieval poetry and in particular a relationship with altering patterns of violence and the development of kingship and larger scale identities i.e. ethnicity.

Its a poetic feature, of some verse I have had an interest in for years. Really prefered not to be reminded of that thought.

The words massive difficulty and highly problematic come to mind, in regard to historical research at its horizon.

You could use comparative research to push the topic further back into the archeological record, the issue here is the tendancy towards ahistorical, static description, particularly in regard to social organization. With the further complication that any written material is latin with its own very distinct cultural agenda. Roman ethnographic history is a complicated literary form, a little world of its own cunningly made.

Hmmmm. read this more fully tommorow. I must remeber not to check my inbox before going to bed.

From ancient times, religion and philosophy have regarded language as a faculty bestowed uniquely and suddenly on our own species, primarily as a mode of thought with communication as a byproduct.

I don’t think this sentance is broadly untrue but it is somewhat general and I think its intent is to distance thought.

I think with this subject that is a rather complicated processes as people do seem to “communicate these mental experiences.” Its a subject I would tentativly relate to foundation legends concerning language origin if pushed.

Although the thesis on that one has yet to be written “the issue here is the tendancy towards ahistorical, static description.”

Messy complicated subject.


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