Eriugena (All Things Find Their Place In Art)

Aliud est enim quod continet er aliud contintetur

What contains is contained

Corpra continentur locis suis; aliud igtur est corpus et aliud lucus

Bodies are contianed in their places, therefore place is not a body( body belongs in the category of quantity, whereas definition is that of place)

Locus omnis quia diffinitio est

Place is definition

Si enim diffinitio omnis in disciplina est et omnis disciplina in animo nexessario locus omnis, quia diffinitio est, non alibi nisi in animo ert

Definition exists in art and every art in mind

non erit nisi in animo

Place exists only in mind


Dermot Moran, Idealisim in Medieval Philosophy: The Case of Johannes Scottus Eriugena




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