non erit nisi in animo (Places That Exist Only In Mind)

Mirror Language

“any ymage of or figure in a mans ymagynation”

“If that her breath will mist or stain the stone (looking glass)/ Why then she lives”

Looking at Laban in terms of older philosophical theories looks straight forward in terms of a plan.

I can’t get it out of my mind to book a holiday in another subject that does not seem to be an easy fit in anything other than my mind.

Principum specula, a self help genre known as the mirror of princes.

When I look at past/ present issues in history I generally translate from my understanding of the retrospective nature of medieval historical documents. I suppose as with Laban it focuses my mind on my educational past. It seems a strech to far, so keep it at the back of my mind and throw in the wider subject as a wild card.

See what it does and if it survives still breathing at the end. Start here.

N.M. Frelick, The Mirror in Medieval and Early Modern Culture.

I think I have a new subject, (Things To Do While Waiting For A Number 27 Bus) a means of exploring it  and a two pencil solution.

Not attempting to work out but wondering if this will prove to be the methodological basis for a future return to wild men and man like apes.


C.H. Carmam, J.S. Hendrix, Renaissance Theories of Vision


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