Prefatio: I have Heaped (coacervavi) Together All I Have Found

“like a cairn of stones, uneven and ill-fitting… as an example of the historian’s art it is atrocious. But it has the virtue of its defects. We can see the individual stones of the cairn, and in some cases we can trace the parent rock from which they came, and establish its age and soundness”


Leslie Alcock, Arthurs Britian: History and Archeology AD 367-634


Five minutes in to reading Plontinus on Sense Perception I found myself not reading but seem to have spent twenty minutes or so staring at a wall.

My mind wandered to an old historical battle site. A conflict between a Historian and an Archeologist concerning a 9th century historical text.

Its of interest to me as its the first historical record which seeks to retrospectivly to place the subject I am interested in within history.

Interestingly it seeks to place it at the start of that history and at the horizon of its thought.

No more than a pattern forming on the surface of a pond. It may just help me remeber what I am reading by transforming it into something familiar and altering its inflection from its orginal sense. If I am very lucky it has a relationship with its 9th to 11th century inflection.





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