The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrow

One Shrill Cry and Then Silience

Early day intermediate photography. The start of my interest in the No.27. I was just coming to terms with dealing with the noise of the street.

Everything seemed to get in the way of taking a shot, lights, poles, signs all seemed to be conspiring against finding the perfect shot. My heart filled with the desire to own a chain saw.

I was walking home from town after an afternoon spent deciding not to take any picture’s because the shot would not work, then taking it anyway.

Spot on the road here were the light is intesting but the high tennemant buildings of Edinburgh block the light on the street. Nothing to shot, no point.

I got the idea I did not have to shoot anything. What I had to do was shut up and not bother about anything. Loose all sense of where I was.

On a busy street with a buzzing mind I seemed not to have a prayer until I saw its flag.

Laughter and then nothing.


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