In The Absence of Machines To Live By

Discription & Altering Form

I posted this picture last night on a different blog with the title Up All Night. Drinking my morning coffee, I found an odd tiny bit of circuit board that reminded my of the above snap shot of an everyday Scottish scene.


I smashed the only camera lens I had about a month ago. Attempted to repair it and then threw it out with the trash as it was beyond repair. This small part I suspect is the last part to survive. Made me think of my other recent shot and reinforced the desire to momentarily revisit it.

It’s not altered the sense I get from the picture I took of a rock pool but its altered the way I present it and choose to describe it.

Situational change.

The potential for a similar unknown situational factor at play is causing me some difficulty with the 13th century and wild men at the moment.

Two descriptions, one presents the wild man as a perfectly natural reaction to an extraordinary and difficult set of circumstances. The other presents a supernatural cause at the start which seems to suggest a mind disposed more towards theological issues.

Temptation here for modern minds to find depth, difference and value on a descriptive difference which may just be a ripple on the pond.

I have the added difficulty that knowledge and knowing can last only a lifetime before its death or can live only briefly in one moment of that lifetime. Medevial culture is in large part oral what it knows and how it relates that  knowledge to other things lives and dies on its breath.

My temptation is to generalize and see the political as a possible motivation and desire which lurks beneath and within both descriptions.  But that is one possible moment in a long lifetime.




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