Getting to Know You

Odd17 Peter 1

Odd18 Peter 2


Late 17th century Scottish text The Secret Commonwealth of Elves Fauns and Fairies suggests that these beings adopt local dress and custom. It further suggest that members of the Scottish community who left Scotland lost access to the ability to predict the future. Seers could not communicate with non-native fairies and so lost the power of Second sight.

This may not be a strict rule as the above pictures may hint at (aside from its clear racist element it is also naturalizing an older and familiar supernatural tale). It’s an attempt to link an ability to a particular people and a particular environment.

The text is on one level a negotiation of Identity.

One of the most prevalent features of the wild man is legend is its association with a sexual motif, it’s also a very common feature in travelers tales concerning man like ape’s.

Britain posses one of the earliest version’s of the wild man legend, and was an important source for its export into other parts of Europe, yet the sexual element is lacking in Both British and later Irish versions.

In Britain this sexual element is a feature found in many different forms of narrative involving fairies.


One possible answer to this issue is that when the wild man arrived (intial development between the 6th and 10th century). The context in which such a tale would be told was already heavily populated by something else.


I should take a closer look at these images and texts. A lack of visual perception, and a difficulty to see things as they really are appearss to be used as something of a running gag in questioning the identity, humanity and orgin of the Non- European subject .


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