Facts About The Wild Man, General Rules, Exclusive Propositions

Every Man is A Man

(1) Experts have scrutinized and rocket scientists agree that the wild man of the woods is an ancient narrative that originated in early Human population groups that lived near heavily tree laden areas.

(2) All early medieval wild men are giants except for the ones that are not and I have omitted to mention.

(3) All Wild Men are called Nigel. Therefore Mrs Nessbit is not a wild man even if at times she may appear distinctly livid.

(4) Wild men may sometimes be Green depending on what mood I am in, although, as the modern term, ‘green man’ suggests we should expect some differences.

(4) Wild men are symbolic and therefore as a rule symbolize something very particular. In this case, the boundary between human and animal; excluding of course my cat, lilly White, Mrs Nessbit,  and my pet donkey, Inspector Clouseau.


Inspector Clouseau, The Medieval encyclopedia of Man- like Donkeys.

Philip K Dick, Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep


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