Ding an Sich (How Do I Get A Bike Down The Stairs?)

a thing as it is in itself, not mediated through perception by the senses or conceptualization, and therefore unknowable.


Before bed- time

I read something on functional logic and higher order propositions grasping small parts here and there, that leads me to Quine on theories and things and his take on ding an sich, which seems to be more within my grasp.

My next thought is, should work up a paper on aspects of Second sight in the late 17th century and see if I can publish it?

I reject that thought immediately as stupid. The easy route to publication is in the History of Science. Both editor and audience would demand a radical alteration and limit on inflection.

I knew when it came to mind it was not a serious thought, I was wrong.

I have the same issues in the late 17th century when descriptions of second sight appear to undergo an alteration of inflection in order to reach an audience with an interest in natural history and the new experimental sciences.

This morning I can see I am peforming my usual method of compaire and contrast, take multiple time- lines and look for similarity and difference.

The nature of the sources I first worked with make me prone to a comparative historical approach but that I choose the subject in the first place suggests some pre-existing disposition that makes such subjects appealing.

Before university my only other form of education was craft based. Here, the thought ,how can I use the situation I find myslef in to alter the inflection of a script? is rather a standard and early move you make. Its the start of a processes, it means I don’t have to think or be slowed down by the clunk clunk of language and can get things up on its feet and moving.

This morning what I was thinking about comes to mind.

What is second sight and what can we related it to?


As I am in the middle of something, I am not particularly bothered about noting in detail what exactly it is I am doing. I don’t need to think I just need to see things pattern, layer, take on an order and then fall apart, move and become something other than it was.

What happens to our sense of time when the inflection changes to something other than it was?







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