Tall Man Small Elephant


I had my measuring tape out yesterday. Doing some rough calculations. I was attempting to measure the distance between the natural and the supernatural. Or how I imagine the measurements and calculations  would be made in a pre-industrial Scottish village.

Really looking for the moment where no distance lies between them. It’s a situation that occurs with relative ease.

I made a spectacular mess.

I had one particular object that in this situation is entirely distant. That would be the diabolical peasant. Yet I was uncertain if discussing second-sight and magic in a pre-industrial Scottish context, would draw the readers mind to a relationship between second-sight and witchcraft, with Satan following close in the wind and attempting to sour the buttermilk.

It’s a rather large elephant entering the room, when it sits down I lose sight of all the other objects I have been trying to map as they move through the space.

Its a subject that is distant in this moment, of little relevance as it has no context in this space. A relationship between second sight, the witch and satan does not occur at a village level.

I have a further difficulty as at this moment I can’t tell the difference between an empirical peasant and a diabolical one. Its not a subject I want to think about or deploy at the moment.

My initial response to this state, is to simply take things out of context; take a source I do not have to worry about or relate closely to the tightly woven mess of things I like to think with.

I need some fresh air, a pleasing walk in the woods in a situation where a range of half thought out relationships do not start tumbling from the branches.

I need the quite confines of a well-ordered therapeutic garden. I have one in mind.



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