Dead Air


A Birds Eye Perspective

In contemporary society if Captain Birdseye is a few fish short of the full fishing quota, wider society is not going to fall to its knees.

The availability of Fish Fingers is not going to go into steep decline on the supermarket shelves, as long as the issue is contained and not replicated among the worlds fishing fleets. Its the end of the line for the brand not the product.

If Captain Bridseye is operating at a subsistence level the balance here is very different. Captain Birdseye needs to have the qualities that ensure he catches fish.

If the community does not work it dies and as it is small each individual part of the whole plays a vital role in ensuring its survival.

This suggests a difference may be noted in the way such properties are inherited and that these features may be prone to alteration over- time.

At a subsistence level you would not expect to see such properties exclusively held by one family or one particular social group. It would be found anywhere within the system.

A rare quality subject to a system of rationing would be socially unpredictable.

Fisherman’s luck is an essential property to hold for fishermen. The nature of things suggests the shape and form of such essential qualities may be subject to alteration over- time.

It’s not a rigid rule to be imposed on all things. Fishing is a working practice then as now, modification and exception should not be unexpected. But we can still allow things to have a history and gain a generall sense of what that history may look like.


General rules are helpful when you feel disinclined to engage in an in-depth investigation into the early history of deep-sea fishing in the North Atlantic, I find. Although on their own they are never enough.

It gives the direction of travel, it also allows exclusions to be made at an early stage. I am more than open to any suggestions that avoids the possibility of having to exist on a diet of early medieval cod for a few weeks.

I can’t break the pattern, I am familiar with it. That raises one of two possibillities.



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