Enter The Dragon

My Garden As It Was Five Mintues Ago

The lawn is alive with small white moths moving among the grass stems and plants. I am surprised my cat is not outside, hunting and playing with them.

I hear the call of young hungry bird’s, settled in the guttering of the surrounding houses waiting for the return of a parent with food.

My cat makes an appreance from behind the recycling bin. She watches the moths intently before heading off up the garden path.

She settles nearer to the sound of the small birds. She chooses not to hide and sits waiting turning her head to catch sight of me as I move away.

She will return to her hunting spot when I have gone I suspect. Moths do not appear to be on her menu this evening.

The Birds before the young arrived hunted larger moths later at night beneath the steet lights. You catch the small shadow of them moving at speed like bats as they briefly glitter in the light.

They are also able to maintian a safe distance from the ground which is filled with cats and foxes at this hour.

That pattern would have altered it would seem.



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