Last Week I was Mostly

Contrasting a medieval wild man with a wren an ostrich and a penguin.

Not wondering why I picked up an undergrad teaching book on the philosophy of animal cognition and scanned it rather than read it.

The wild man/ penguin contrast I have the question first, is it more or less birdlike? Early examples of the wild man have certain bird like features. Some late 17th century feral children seem to also have some comparable features minus the feathers.

Chicken and egg. Just a similarity in the questions we ask of such things (shared situation and context) or a subject of transmition and crossover from one to the other (narrative tradition and an unaltered performace space)?

But the most important thing here is the subject makes me laugh.

It is useful not to lose sight of the idea that an ability to entertain was a vital feature of such things and become blinded by science or philosophy.

I do not want to start to learn a new subject at the moment (contemporary issues in the philosophy of animal cognition). I had no idea why I picked the book up.

Not been tracking the part of my mind that appears to have been rather busy looking at the how things choose to demonstrate themselves. It makes sense retrospectively as further questions pop out of nowhere and locate themselves in other words.

Happy to block out the two things, let them get on with it and think about the emotional life of cheese producers and occult forms of vision instead.

Words just get in the way of these things, distraction keeps language elsewhere and out-of-the-way. I am not myself in these things, they are focused, paying  attention to fine detail. These are things I don’t do, I can’t make these calculations in the words I find myself lost within. I have to outsource these activities.

This week

“Rare quality’s subject to this system of rationing remain social unpredictable”

New construction. I like it.

I had also written a letter to Santa.  I was not optimistic about getting a response.

Dear Santa

I am bored with the objects in my room how can I re-arrange them?

love Byssus

This formula of words does that, although it leaves me limed in the social world. A processes of arrest I can live with.

Playing with it, stretching it out of context letting it loose its sense of time and context,  it breaks the historical rule of time and context and then conforms to it. Things  get a bit more complicated, the realtionship between the predictable and unpredictable becomes both more and less certian.  Rigidly bendy and fluid.

Magical formula’s, profane oaths, cursing, and prophecy.

Not sure yet which subject I won’t think about this week.


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