Tool Use

Abstract Body

Using the wild man as a conceptual stash for tools. lets call him a philosophical body. It starts to consume him from the inside.

Family resemblance can be used to suggest he is deer like, bird like, plant like, I could take him out of context and suggest he is Man like Ape like.

Run in difficulties suggesting that he is in any way child like or woman like.

I can find examples of wild women and children. But they do seem to be distinctively men, women or children with an emphasis and overwhelming interest in man.

Tradition dictates that boundaries have to be found in such a creature as this.

Loss of status is suggested as central to the wild man, the manner in which it marks the boundary between human and animal is another location where all sense is to be located. If you want to find these things they are to be found yet it does seem to be a rather controlled descent.

It’s order suggests that what it marks is the space in which it lived and breathed , in the telling of it. The place it located itself in the cosmos and felt at home.





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