In The Absence of Error (part 2: The Lucky Ones Died First)

Better By Bold

So I take my persil shot. Get home look at it, it does what I want. Ten second edit close the screen.

What do I call it, its obvious as its an advert for the washing powder bold, I call it better buy bold.

Whats the etymology of bold? I wonder?

Wiktonary yields the most interesting one.

From Middle English bold, from Old English bold, blod, bolt, botl (house, dwelling-place, mansion, hall, castle, temple), from Proto-Germanic *budlą, *buþlą (house, dwelling), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰew- (to grow, wax, swell). Cognate with Old Frisian bold (house) (whence North Frisian bol, boel, bøl (house)), North Frisian bodel, budel (property, inheritance), Middle Low German būdel (property, real estate). Related to build.


To grow wax or swell, to burst forth to blow, to blossom. I know this relationship, its to inspire to speak in poetic terms. To have vision.

I return to looking at the picture its persil not bold. My vision here can take an epic sweep through time, but it’s not looking so good in this moment.

When my oldest son was learning to speak, he spoke to things that spoke to him and learned from them.

Box in the corner of the room that sent him messages and strange signs,

‘I feel like chicken tonight,’

‘Noooo’ (it’s not what you want to hear or see after you have just recovered from chickenpox)

‘better buy bold’

He could not say I am happy but he could say ‘better buy bold’ so he did, to express this sense. Dancing chickens were a sadness to be forgetten.

He could also now respond to I don’t know questions. ‘I don’t know if I agree with what the politician just said’. ‘I don’t know what to make for your tea.’

Why worry be happy! The solution is clear, the answer to all such emotion is obvious.

‘better buy bold’


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