Of Small Things

An old singing lesson.

Medieval mystery play performed in a Sick children’s Hospital. Young children have great difficulty in understanding the relationship between performance and life, and will often run up and touch a member of the cast, to work out if they are physicaly in front of them.

Less distance between things. On this night at the closing scene when the baby Jesus lies in his crib the Angel gives the play its closing words, a young child rushes on to the stage.

She wishes to hold the baby Jesus. The doll lies melting, under a bright stage light directly underneath it.

The young girl screams when she realises it is not real, snatches the doll then sits in the darkness of the emptying auditorium and weeps.

She is a young child being treated for leukemia. Holding a doll and coming to terms with her changing life.

In the next performance she is of the song as she always was.

Such small things help you understand and navigate the relationship between performance and life.

Unlike the young child I have no faith in such things but I can feel what it the shape of the song is as it fills the room. Highly intricate form of song, takes weeks to learn. The emotion is not held inside you.


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