Being Out Of Time


Memory, Time Of.- In the old books, when a person alleges in legal proceedings, that a custom or prescription has existed from time whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, that is as much as to say that no man then alive hath heard any proof to the contrary.  This is also called “time of living memory” as opposed to “time of legal memory,”……….


A Dictionary of American and English Law with Definitions of the Technical Terms of the Canon and Civil Laws. Also, Containing a Full Collection of Latin Maxims, and Citations of Upwards of Forty Thousand Reported Cases, in which Words and Phrases Have Been Judicially Defined or Construed, 1888.


The oldest examples of these forms of creatures in Western Europe are found in its legal memory and contianed in some of its oldest law. The judgement of blood lying. This is an early legal medical text.




  1. sloppy buddhist · August 6

    such a good song too…dramatic photo!

    • Jeb · August 6

      Was my second photograph that made any sense its a very early shot. Van in altered state I learned I could contian an idea in pictures.

      This is syc. Its a main junction, traffic is a nightmare going in four directions plus the movement of the bird in the distance.

      Put youre mind in the zone. Photography was new this type of sychronization was relaxing I know where I am here.

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