The Angel Gabriel From Heaven came

His wings as drifted snow his eyes aflame

I have a problem with these lines, it’s not a big deal as I have the instruction, don’t worry about meaning that will come with the rhythm. You do not have to think about it.

It’s eyes aflame. I scan the text, I can’t get past an old testament idea of a god of vengeance. I have the rule though. Don’t move and the spider wont bite you. I know my thought is in error as the structure of the song dictates an altogether different quality.

I don’t have to think about it any further. I have to note the error though. I am human I have to be careful about not letting meaning get in the way. Not letting emotion gain control. if I am having a bad day, do not pay attention I may over hit at this point and as 12 other people are involved its a ripple effect.


Care is required. it’s not a big deal but if you can eradicate it and alter how you think its useful. One less potential tiny mistake, which because of the odd nature of the space you are in turn from the small to the very large at speed.

That will come with the rhythm.

I am about to learn the sense here is not just related to the rhythm of the song and it is not going to be a pleasant learning experience.

What it gives me is an understanding of the emotional complexity that surrounds these things and the relationship between the play and the audience.

I still cannot see what the eyes of an angel may hold but when I come to see the reactions of individual members of the audience to the material, I learn something about how complex and difficult life can be. It stares me in the face with its eyes aflame.

Here my answer is provided by the experience of a head nurse who immediately stepped in to provide reassurance in a difficult moment in the life of this performance.

“this is something she has to experience and come to terms with”

Was all she said. it was all that was needed. We were watching someone having to let go and wanting to hold on to what it is like to get lost in laughter, to hold a small child, to experience these everyday things.

To sing the song you have to let go of these thought’s and emotion and that comes from  grasping the complexity of the rhythm and how it is formed.

It is to let go. The song contians no emotion, it is surrounded by it. This gives it it’s shape and it’s form.





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