Getting Things In Order


Car Crash

I try to avoid imposing any methodological or philosophical system on what I like to think about as a means of limiting bias. Not fool-proof, as being a fool I will order without thinking. It’s useful to know what that order is. At the moment I don’t. I have two very different educational experiences, one in the arts one at university.

The arts one I have never had to think about in words at university you have no escape from such things. So I am not trying to explain what acting is, trying to work out what my original bias is, what may work here what does not and how that effects a different method of ordering knowledge.

fortunately in drama classes in how to interpret a text are somewhat terse.

‘ don’t focus on the sense or meaning, read it and the rhythm will take care of everything’

That is the only lesson you get. My first thought here was ‘I do not have a clue what this means.’ I know I am dealing with an expert here and I have already learned somethings, but if I remove the authority argument, which does not take me very far all I am left with is the stupid question.

Doing it in a clunky way with words but I can see a very clear and early example of how I made sense of it. It’s just tangled up with a lot of other things.

The only other move that was taught in regard to interpretation was again another lesson in ignoring the text when it came to understanding the complexity of a character.

“reaches out and grabs fishing pole”

This one is a bit more complex and I have not given it so much thought. The basic message is to note the complexity and simplicity of the text. The instructions read very clearly. It’s just often difficult to see what they are.

In this case a very energetic and restless presence on the stage, engages in an activity which requires very different forms of thought and movement.

Not really thought about this one much. It’s an idea about fish from a writer who liked fishing.

‘That a rare quality subject to this system of rationing will remain socially unpredictable’

This is just a meaningless formula I seem to be using. It seems to make some form of sense in each situation. I have no idea what the systems are its an empty word and socially unpredictable seems clunky, but it seems to becoming a habit.

I seem to want to order things, have a pattern and some form of link between each structure. Got no authority to argue from here so all I am left with is the stupid question. Why and why think about it?

I have no idea. It’s just a game, it helps me to remember stuff would be my excuse if pressed.

Ideas I want to keep in living memory rather than having to reach for a book. My string of words here has come from thinking in words and ordering them on a page. That is a very different thing. Words to me make very little sense at first, it takes an age to understand these things.


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