Gaps in the List of Things

I don’t want to look at music so I generalize draw up a list of where the patterns may meet. It’s not total speculation, I know a little about the development of liturgy. I skipped that part as I had no interest in music at the time or in papers that suggested a relationship between the development of liturgy and the wild man (yes I am really that stupid).

I am not exactly interested in producing some universal state of stasis in which mind never alters. I like history and the complexity of history.

I can draw up a list to motivate study. To gain a rough idea of where to look what can be rejected but I would expect that to alter as context and detail becomes more familiar.

Like a rat trained to press a button and get a sweet, I have spent time in the lab running about a maze.

Identifying the way rhythm alters performance is rewarding. Scanning text for the slight detail that alters everything is a task I also find pleasing.

The big mother load of sweets is always to find what you don’t know and what you did not expect.

Error is not to be feared, entering the room with the plan and answer that never alters should be.



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