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‘That rare quality’s subject to this system of rationing will remain socially unpredictable’

Sentence seems to refer to the idea of historical error. Not noticed that but it explains why it fits in to everything so far. It seemed to be a more general rule of some sort or other.

Stemming from an early form of social organization that had to work in the absence of error. Starts as a social form of co-operation from which we can retrospectivly form an idea of things.

I write much faster than I can read.


Two Scottish Philosophers Lord Monboddo and Lord Kames (both rivals of each other philosophically and professionally) met at the steps of the court of sessions in Edinburgh. Lord Kames asks Lord Monbboddo if he had read his latest book to which Lord Monboddo responded ‘Youre Lordship writes much faster than I can read’

Monboddo an obssesive slow digester of time out of mind and man with an answer and a plan in his hand, did not produce any material until late in life.


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