the removal of time-worn landmarks

What happens if rhythm is used to get a sense of these words? The shape and from they take?

The dash seems to indicate some form of difference, a connection between time and worn and a difference.

Standard rhetorical delivery used in this period is the declamatory style. One of the tricks here is to over extent vowels with an upward inflection. O is an example of this.

It makes worn hang in the air much longer, and makes the language more memorable. It means you do not have to use a dramatic pause between time and worn, the words can run into one another worn will still seem removed and altered from this rhythm.

The sense of the sentence will come from the way O hangs in the air and in the way it alters from low to high. Movement and alteration in tone, depth to height.

Difficult to do if you are Scottish like me, as it would be natural to place the emphasis on the r and let it roll. In English O is shaped differently on the tongue.

To pronounce O ‘correctly’ here I have to alter the shape of my tongue in a way, which is not natural to me. It has a very different muscle movement and shape, which I have to learn and remember in order to get the movement in tone.

In the middle of producing the sound O, I have to learn to switch the shape of my tongue as it would to pronounce I. The raised tone comes from the back of the throat, holding the tongue to pronounce I, altering the muscles of the tongue to let the air come from the back of the throat.

O’s raised and upward inflection in the distinctive rhetorical tradition that developed in Britain, makes the sound memorable and dramatic.

Time is worn. It is held on the tongue, shaped and altered to make it memorable. The O sound is held in the air longer than in natural speech, extends the movement of low to high.

It’s an alteration in frequency that people pick up on and pay attention to. Its not a natural form of speech, its unpredictable and unexpected (1).

This is how it sounds. It has a distinct movement and shape, which sets the word apart from those which surround it.

You know what it is when you hear it. It requires no further understanding or thought than this. When it is off the page and in the air, technical details are not required to make sense of the words.

Meaning becomes unnecessary. All sense here is held in the shape and formation of O.


(1) My stock word formula on what is rare and subject to the system, is still holding shape here. Its getting rather time- worn with use, so I will avoid the repetition of it. It looks dead and a static repetition on the page but seems to have the potential for inflection.

Here the inflection would be that the socialy unpredictable makes things memorable. The rules that govern the every day use of language are broken with intent to give an altered sense of time.



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