We do Not Talk of Justice In the Case of Wolves or Lions

“we do not talk of the justice of horses or lions”



” For Hesiod by contrast, justice is a gift from the gods to men; justice is something Hesiod’s kings receive from Zeus and then render unto others. Human beings expect justice from the king because the king is Zeus’s deputy and is responsible for enacting Zeus’s justice on earth. This means that rather than being a defining feature of political identity, justice for Hesiod a defining characteristic of humanity as opposed to animals; ” For the son of Cronos has ordained this law for men (anthroposi), that fish and wild beasts and winged birds eat one another, since justice (dike), is not in them; but to human beings he gave justice (diken) which is by far the best


R.K. Balot, Greed and Injustice in Classical Athens.


All consuming, all-devouring appetite of animals places them beyond the law.  A creature holding no rights, as it is not in its nature to be just.



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