May You Take It Away ( The mind which stole this and which has been privy to it)

Understanding the way of all flesh ( The Four Pattern’s of Descent/ The Begetting of  Genius)

descensus naturae the pursuit of sensual gratification

descensus naturae / descensus vitii the knowledge of oneself and the fallen world

descensus artifcii the consultation with demons




Man As Wolf (Once Again)



But the one of you who tramples on treaties made or smites at sureties given, he shall be a wolf despised and driven off as far and wide as ever men drive wolves off, Christians come to church, heathens hallow temples, fire flames, ground grows, son calls mother, mother bears son, men make fires, ship glides, shields flash, sun shines, snow drifts, lapp skis, fir tree grows, falcon flies a spring-long day with a fair wind beneath both wings, heavens revolve, world is inhabited, wind whistles, water flow to the sea, men sow seed. He shall shun churches and Christian people, house of God and man, every home save hell


Part of the oldest collection of Icelandic Law.