The Sensational Star Discovery of The View From Poppies head (and now an un-dreamed of horror makes her life and love a vortex of fear)

I am about to start reading about actor network theory with a light dusting of object orientated ontology.

Not sure how long it will last I have huge difficulties reading here.

Its not the wider subject which I find interesting, it’s the vehicle used by academics in descriptions of the subject.

The exploration of an entire subject as mediated by the mind of one individual.

I find this odd and very distracting. I also have no wish to answer why it has this effect as it distracts from the task at hand.

I thought I could perhaps get round the issue by not dealing with the, super sized academic beasts in this jungle and focus on secondary literature.

But so far the vehicle is to focus on the individual mind of Doctor X as he builds a creature.

I got distracted rather fast, although this time it put me back on topic, the writer moved from description of the mind of Doctor X to getting proverbial about modernity.

Apparently it’s “hand fed birds”

Although the contemporary descriptive term is, to carry within oneself the seeds of you’re own destruction.

I like bird lore so I know its old form. It stems form the observation and description of the mistle thrush and its relationship with mistletoe.

The bird eats the berry, shits it out and gets stuck on the branch due to the glue-like quality of mistletoe.

Mistletoe, is the basic ingredient for a common form of glue that was used in many cultures in hunting and the capture of pray. It keeps the subject alive and was particularly useful in the capture and sale of song-birds.

It is limed, body and soul.

I had missed focusing on this aspect, more interested in the inflection used in the poetry here which seems to play with and move beyond liming the action and movement of the hand in a pure proverbial essence.

The fatal move here gives life. It also affirms identity, and ensures the ongoing existence of the song.

It bestows fame and inspires. It feeds birds. It nurtures.

“None will escape unless it were winged”


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