I don’t know Tim Morton’s work.  I had assumed he was working in the same ball park as Bruno Latour in relation to hands and the whole. I just caught sight of a review courtesy of New Savannah.

It’s far more vast of scale than my tiny mind is use to comprehending.

Quite the contrary: bad holism, what Morton calls “explosive holism,” is the destructive ontology behind both capitalism and its naïve adversaries like deep ecology or messianic Marxism. “Explosive holism” maintains that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This idea produces violent negations of difference, the imposition of spurious hierarchies, and the millennia-long delusion of utilitarian value as a guide to action. To cure this error, we should embrace an “implosive holism” that says that the parts add up to more than the whole. Morton’s main example of a whole in need of some implosive recoding? Humankind itself.

This is the feature Tim is identifying within his audience.

“This idea produces violent negations of difference, the imposition of spurious hierarchies…”

This is not simply an issue for explosive holisim, whatever that may be. These are errors we all make but have a tendency to see only in others.

I think I prefer the idea of altering inflection to ‘implosive recoding.’ It is ironically somewhat less dramatic.

Confrontation with an audience alters you’re thought, alters you’re mind  and the minds of everyone in the room. Its an organic processes.

In order to effect change here you have to change you’re own mind first.

Whatever the ideas are here, they are yet to make the first move from a theory of the subject to observation.

The theory looks over- imposing at the moment.





Ted Hamilton, Kind of Human, Los Angels Review of Books


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