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Sweeping out the cobwebs with a new broom

A lot of frothing and bubbling going on.

So far surprised by the frequency of use.

Body and movement related terms.

Straying into a period of history not looked at yet, notice the use of familiar metaphors occurring in the introduction to texts, it’s reassuring, when dealing with the unfamiliar.

I may not understand the ideas and culture yet, but the language is familiar.

I have some understanding of the inflection of these terms and the natural history that surrounds them.

I take it that’s why they are deployed.

Note (The Monument of the Past)

Doing some of the grunt work, in regard to looking at Second Sight in Scotland, the empirical philosophy of the subject in the late 17th century.

As I am working from source I thought I would attempt to use it to my advantage, attempt to construct a history of the subject as it would be understood from a late 17th century perspective, rather than a modern one.

The goal therefore to emphasis a continuity with the past, rather than contradiction. To demonstrate that the subject is ‘fit for the dignity of science.’

The only contemporary aspect is theory in regard to historical writing and the construction of identity within developing nation states.

To start, Attraction and the load- stone.

Then mechanical philosophy.

The Power of Attraction ( Magnetick Philosophy)


For after we had, in order finally to learn the true substance of the globe, seen and thoroughly examined many of those things which have been obtained from mountain heights or ocean depths, or from the profoundest caverns and from hidden mines: we applied much prolonged labour on investigating the magnetical forces; so wonderful indeed are they, compared with the forces of all other minerals, surpassing even the virtues of all other bodies about us…………..

And as geometry ascends from sundry very small and very easy principles to the greatest and most difficult; by which the wit of man climbs above the firmament: so our magnetical doctrine and science first sets forth in convenient order the things which are less obscure; from these there come to light others that are more remarkable; and at length in due order there are opened the concealed and most secret things of the globe of the earth, and the causes are made known of those things which, either through the ignorance of the ancients or the neglect of moderns, have remained unrecognized and overlooked. But why should I, in so vast an Ocean of Books by which the minds of studious men are troubled and fatigued, through which very foolish productions the world and unreasoning men are intoxicated, and puffed up, rave and create literary broils, and while professing to be philosophers, physicians, mathematicians and astrologers, neglect and despise men of learning: why should I, I say, add aught further to this so-perturbed republick of letters, and expose this noble philosophy, which seems new and incredible by reason of so many things hitherto unrevealed, to be damned and torn to pieces by the maledictions of those who are either already sworn to the opinions of other men, or are foolish corruptors of good arts, learned idiots, grammatists, sophists, wranglers, and perverse little folk? But to you alone, true philosophizers, honest men, who seek knowledge not from books only but from things themselves, have I addressed these magnetical principles in this new sort of Philosophizing.


S. Philips (trans.), William Gilbert of Colchester Physician of London, On the Magnet, Magnetick Bodies Also, And On the great magnet the earth, a new Physiology, demonstrated by many arguments & experiments

To Boogle and to Foam

An imagined discourse between the Philosopher Thomas Hobbes and a Divine (A student of divinity) .

Stud. ……..if the Universe be God; and here a saying of Athenagoras comes in fit time into my mind; and it is to this effect. If God and Matter be the same thing under differing appellations; we are impious if we deny to Stones and Trees, to Gold and Silver divine honor……….

Mr Hobbes. This is all error and railing, that is stinking of wine, such as a Jade lets fly, when he is too hard girt, upon a full belly.

Stud. This nasty metaphor is widely misplaced whilst instead of saying that I am hard girt, you should have confefs’d your self (for that’s the truth) to have been galled to the quick. For my self, I was not intemperate in my passion, but zelous in the truth: but you’re language is both foul and unjust; and ( to allude further to the beast you speak of) you therefore boggle and foam, because of a sudden there is too much light let in upon you…………


Thomas Tension, The Creed of Mr Hobbes Examined: in a feigned conference between him, and a student in divinity, London, 1670


Pig in flame, 1670 style.

Oh No

Sort of finished with the wild man. Which is weird.

Looking for excuses not to do anything with it, so I thought I would start on another subject. Star jelly.

I started looking at a range of things, wild men/ man like apes, will o the wisps, star jelly, second sight and frogs.

Just because, and….. thing.

No relationship between them.

Star jelly I have not been able to link the the other subjects. Although it took ten minutes to relate it to second sight last night, so sort of got a hit.

Going to have to start writing and actual start to think about what I am doing.

May close the blog and start another one if it proves to become a habit.

Start with Star Jelly, only discovered this aspect, it should look somewhat more alluring than my normal notes, but still a work in progress.

Its somewhat academical anti-social at the moment, constructed from primary sources. Really ignorant of the  contemporary arguments here

Draft it from source. Then re- draft later, if indeed I want to go that far.

Look at star jelly, not as a mythical or mis- observed substance.

Instead look at it as a mind altering substance.

Was star jelly going to power the machines and devices of the future?

What would these devices look like? What would they do?

Got this subject tangled up with spinning and frogs and second sight. Spinning I can sort of get away with, time and motion thing.

The frog, its a mind altering substance and object of terror or miracle.

But then with things such as these what objects can not hold that inflection?


Second sight in the late 17th century, its becoming entangled with other things in a way I did not expect.

Lot to do here.

Also got a problem with generalization, dealing with ‘old wives tales,’ ‘small minds’, ‘failed ideas’ and a future that never was.

If they feature in the historical record, its often more than not as a form of pejorative history.




The Cozened Brain (The Fairy Hill Is On Fire)


The distant roosters began to crow and the air changed and the dawn was coming. The wind of the morning ruffled the water of the estuary and whispered through the mangroves, and the little waves beat on the rubbly beach with an increasing tempo.  Kino raised the sleeping mat and dug up his pearl and put it in front of him and stared at it.

And the beauty of the pearl, winking and glimmering in the light of the little candle, cozened his  brain with its beauty. So lovely it was, so soft, and its own music came from it- its music of promise and delight, its guarantee of the future, of comfort, of security. Its warm lusence promised a poultice against illness and a wall against insult. It closed a door on hunger. And as he stared at it Kino’s eyes softened and his face relaxed. He could see the little image of the consecrated candle reflected in the soft surface of the pearl, and he heard again in his ears the lovely music of the undersea, the tone of the diffused green light of the sea bottom.


John Steinbeck, The pearl


“Little image”, going to an art exhibition soon, Charles II: Art and Power, so hopefully get some snap shots of this in an older frame.


Where Is Her Mind?


Caught a different song by Hiromi at New Savanna, blog.

Disconnect. The way she can scan the room and perform a complex rhythmic activity at the same time.

Crash and burn lesson, the end result.