I don’t wish to be rude but I can see why having to confront a colonial past may be an issue but the danger is it is also starting to look like the future.

An unsustainable one. Not so much the leadership style, its the centralized command structure. Failure to open debate and the inability, to distribute the work load and decision  making.

Its impossible to tell whats going on from the outside.

A. high degree of distrust and internal division; the only successes, managing to mask it from the public.

B. Paranoia but that would result from A.

C. More open distribution of decision making would result in failure or lack of movement,  which again suggests A.

Not out of choice, highly complex working enviroment: the only road open. Or the only working solution found, its been used before but not facing an issue like this. So stretched to max, max stress levels.

Lack of communication/ centralized command proved the issue in regard to dealing with the pandemic.

Its also clearly going to lead to foot dragging in regard to investigation, so clear snap shot of error is not going to happen any time soon.

All that’s left is faith that the government will do its own house cleaning. Not a cause for wild optimism really as no indication of any change.

Creating bubbles. i.e. in regard to science and how to deal with the virus and future threats.



World is clearly not going to become best of friends on a range of issues, pandemic is a global health issue.

Later or sooner, not going to be the last, can’t develop structures robust enough to allow corporation on health issues in a hostile and mutually suspicious political enviroment.

Fail and failure here, outcome is spectacularly grim.

When in doubt, imagine, rinse and repeat pick up detail, this will be well off, its a start, always going to be a high degree of error.

Makes so little sense what is being said in public, difficult to see what is actually going on.

High noise levels, little detail = serious issues.

Standing still, not able to move or moving in the direction where high level of dysfunction is just going to be ongoing, maintain the mask hope it resolves organically over time.

Which can’t happen given the near future. Going to require more rather than less of this.

Not a good thought to go to sleep on, no matter how wide of the mark. Actually been no change right through this pandemic, so really no reason to expect one now.

This was the structure put in place to deal with a very different possible to shock to the system.

Its not worked.

Stress, need for speed.

Change the seating arrangements rather than the structure.

That won’t work. I would imagine thats largely ritual act of contrition. Blood offerings must be made.

Both. Messy.

I can’t for the life of me work out what actually is going on.

It looks as mad as a stick. Make no sense out of it.

Politics, not my thing. Makes little sense.

I suppose most of the structure I have studied are irrational. General a simple pattern.

A. high degree of distrust and internal division; the only successes, managing to mask it from the public.

Sure it will alter. Start with the error, see where it goes.

Symbolic system. Highly repetitive. Heavily reliant on non factual data.

That parts correct, at least.

‘End the something for nothing culture.’


Long overdue. From top to bottom. Starting with those clearly attempting to maintain systemic inequality, prejudice and injustice within the system.

The desire to pump out propaganda and turn scapegoating and blame into a national online blood sport and top selling media attraction?

Would that be the whole, a large majority or a small subsection of the Conservative administration?

How popular is the ‘social injustice its a winner’ model?






One of those days that just eats away at you’re soul.

Suspect with both parties calculation however large or small drawn up well in advance.

Change, not part of the plan, utilizing the existing structure to gain or maintain power. Restructuring of the system posses a threat, as it’s not part of the calculation.

The new is not predictable.

The old familiar game, you can develop a clear game plan, and when the game is on, distraction is the last thing you want.

Like today for example, got little done, spent the day watching old political greatest hits, playing out in the press.

Start to suspect why it has been so successful despite the inequality that results.

Its predictable and being able to  predict and make the correct political calculation.

That’s politics.

Inbuilt systemic issue. The system is as is, as its in peoples interest to ensure its like this.

My fear is that reach a tipping point and Scotland will split away, Labour are dead here, Conservatives, hampered by Westminster.

To great degree the nation is now lead by two parties that belong to one country rather than the U.K.

Centralization of power, to Westminster, right wing suspicion of the devolved settlement and the effective death of its architects.

Not healthy in terms of the long term sustainability of the U.K.

That simple.

I fail to see how Labour take back seats in Scotland. Certainly not in the short term, systemic rot here dates back a long time.

Got a centralized Conservative administration, London based.

Seems to be where the highest levels of misunderstanding in regard to how the rest of the country operates are to be found.  That’s across party lines.

Perfect conditions for ongoing dispute and fracture.

Inflexibility and inability to change, increasing partisan divide both internal within the party structures and in wider society fed on a diet of mass distributed negative campaigning.

Been a feature of politics for some time.

It works in terms of holding power.

Social cost, high if you are at the bottom, wealthy nation, so higher up the food chain you have a life.

I suspect its is also a significant economic break as it just such a poorly managed system, effectively its not managed, its more a juggling act.

Maintain the pattern, don’t try a new move, don’t drop the ball.

Ground has not been solid for sometime. It seems to be growing more unstable.

Rome burns get on the fiddle, hype it up.

No objection to wealth or people wanting lots of stuff, not my thing, but the world is in large part governed or to a large extent influenced by the wealthy and what a mess of it you have made.

The only justification, either blindness, plain denial or residence on different planet from the majority of the population.

Planetary apartheid.

Or perhaps we live in the biggest unknown planet in the universe.

The one that everyone fails to see.

Blind to its reality.

Unidentified Planet X, an unknown unknown.




Groundhog day

Undeserving poor/ nod to anti science in terms of environment.

The wonder of the new.

What ever next?

See a low emission mythical sheep flying?

Jam tomorrow grim today.

Under heavy manners.

Toasty Biscuits all the way Down

 National Bru

•= (half newt • half mole)=•



One nation( half cut)

Half nation

half overcooked Biscuit


Difference fine, Brexit, it won, cultural war rhetoric and its policies of old, should have no place moving forward.

I am not a communist also not advised by former communists, I do however have empathy and stand in solidarity with the most disadvantaged people who have suffered disproportionately, from ill health and poverty, lack of opportunity, stereotyping and stigmatizing from a political class which has no idea other than to turn to this form of politics.

This is the class of people I belong to and I have had enough of this debased and dehumanizing policy and the rhetoric that goes hand in glove with it.

Nothing to do with communism or socialism all to do with not engaging in divisive and cruel policy and misrepresenting the reality of life for those at the bottom of society.

Nothing Culture Something Blah

Flat Screen T.V.s, Living in Palaces, Prolifically Breeding, etc etc

Cut back on grocery bill and go full vegetarian? Diet consisting entirely of barbarian potatoes?

Really tired of this same old cultural war, which rather than benefiting the country, just leads to unimaginable suffering and ill health, for the benefit of political rhetoric and often times just outright falsehood in regard to the issues of the welfare state.

Dinosaur politics.

Cruel and unnecessary and speaks to a poverty of imagination and an inability to change and protect and serve the nation.

This slow nature of response and resorting to the same old that has been a feature of the response to pandemic.

Its inevitable, error’s like this will all way’s happen.

But when the first response is to repeat one of the worst mistakes of old, action screams, words, speeches mean nothing.

The script used with this one, everyone knows it, it can also be seen for what it is.

Last thing this country needs is another culture war from ye old arcane book of ye Golden mythical fleece; the easy road to rule by division, fear, waffle, muck spreading and blah.

Eye of Newt

Toe of frog

Eye of mole.

Speed up planning consent, speed up environmental assessment and make it part of the design and architectural planning.

So no reason why the environmental aspects, should not be as fast, should be a working  element of the design processes, no matter what the scale.

Buildings, that are built to work with the landscape. Back to design basics, the fundamental one.

The relationship of a structure with a given space. A place where things want to live. A space that works.

Rather than a nod a wink and a bung consent building built by two bobs and friends.

The idea that you stop for no newt. Or indeed transform yourself into Mr Mole and engage in destructive tunneling on a heritage site of global significance.

Its a plan.

Of some degree of vision.

Moles are not blind, movement and scent based, that allows them to arrive at the big ripe smelling hole.

Hop to it

So to speak.

Two for a pound

Two for a bob.

New extension to party head quarters or a new snooker table always welcome.


Ending The Something for Nothing Culture


Mirror Mirror on the Wall  (Literacy Issues)

Back to front and distinctly basic

People who have failed to do enough.


Will we see a sanctioning of M.P’s and ministers wages, if failings come to light?

In the interest of equality and fairness in the system?

No, it would be disproportionate and unfair.

Back to trotting out myth and the stick. It would seem.

Member of my family died, worked all his life, had to leave a lifetimes of employment due to ill-health.

Forced to take another job, dead within a couple of months.

Correlation is not cause, but think of the stress of the last days of someones life here.

How many hearts have failed here?

How is the cost to be measured?

Should failure be met with punishment and sanction or with learning?

Educating, giving people a goal. To contribute to a society to which they belong and are treated as a part of a whole.


A future asset rather than a present day issue.

The idea that you take nothing and make something of it. Give the skills create the opportunity.

What would parliaments wage slips look like if pay was based on spoken word matching action taken?

Require an extensively stocked Bank of food close at hand, I would imagine. To cope with the high demand.

A Britain that works, with its population, trained in the crafts, taught the skills, needed to make it work.

A land for all. The Island of the future. Found now in the present.

With vocational training for all.

From the bottom to the top.





Bright future.




Bee Still

o  •   o

o  •   o

⌈ o   •   o ⌉

〈      〉

= sense


Bee on the side of my door, still, almost to scale.


coins flip

in two

the ferry man

sated with laughter

on the journey

too much good company

resting in the wave