Sympathetic Cures

And I remember, I have seen a good quantity of that jelly that is sometimes found on the ground, and by the Vulgar call’d a Star-shoot, as if it remain’d upon the extinction of a falling star which being brought to an eminent Physician of my acquaintance, he lightly digested it in a well-stopt glass for a long time, and by that alone resolv’d it into a permanent Liquor, which he extols as a specifick to be outwardly apply’d against Wens.


Robert Boyle, History of Fluidity and Firmness, 1669

The Great Wen of London

  • 1. a boil or other swelling or growth on the skin, especially a sebaceous cyst.
  • 2.
    a very large or overcrowded city.
    “the great wen of London”
    So a day spent looking at puke, projectile vomiting and boils (which swell, pop and burst forth)

Things to do in Edinburgh when You’re bored ( abstraction/ natural/ artificial?)

Screenshot_2020-09-30 Religion and Folk Cosmology

I need to attempt to find out what fuller descriptions of vomiting birds exist.

In particular the location of birds when vomiting.

location 1 or 2?

I know a firework is an ‘artificial falling star’ (star jelly/ star shit/ star shot).

So here the falling star emanates from the surface of a star or planet, rather than in the upper atmosphere.

Do theoretical differences exist?

Note: Natural/ Artificial (projectile power)

A Firework Being An Example of an Artificial Falling Star

I thought I might get a hit with last nights debate. Proved (like yesterday) to be instant.

Within a couple of minutes.

He interrupted, ranted, raged, spewed lies and interrupted some more.


D. Smith, Donald Trump ensures first presidential debate is national humiliation, Guardian

Emetic Agents

Ko te atua o te pakanga, ko Tū-mata-uenga. He maha ōna ingoa: Tū-kā-riri, Tū-te-ngaehe, Tū-mata-uenga, Tū-tawake, Tū-whakamoana-ariki, Tū-kai-taua, Tū-kai-tangata (M 2006:122). / The atua of war, Tū-mata-uenga. He has several names: Tū-kā-riri (Tū-the angry-one), Tū-te-ngaehe (Tū-who-tears-apart), Tū-mata-uenga (Tū-who-incites), Tū-tawake (Tū-who-hastens), Tū-whakamoana-ariki (Tū-who-enriches-the-sea), Tū-kai-taua (Tū-who-destroys-war-parties), Tū-kai-tangata (Tū-who-destroys-mankind) (M 2006:123).

AN Hawke tyreth, féedeth, gorgeth, beaketh, rouseth, en∣dueth, muteth, percheth, and iouketh, puketh ouer, proy∣neth, plumeth, shée warbeleth, and mantelleth: she tyreth vpon rumpes, shée feedeth on al maner of flesh: shée gorgeth when shée filleth her gorge full of meat: shée beaketh when she sueth, that is to say, when shée wipeth her beake: shee rouseth when shée shaketh her feathers and her bodie together: shée endueth when the meate in her bowelles fall to disgestion: shée muteth when shée auoydeth her order: shée perches when she standeth on anie bow or Perch: shée iouketh when shée sléepeth: shée pu∣keth when shee auoydeth her meate out of her gorge into her bowelles: shée proyneth when shée fetcheth Oile ouer the taile and annoyneth her féete and her feathers: shée plumeth when shée pulleth off the feathers of any Foule, or any thing, and ca∣steth it from her: shée warbeleth when she draweth her wings ouer the midst of her backe, and softly shaketh them and let∣teth them fall againe: shée mantelleth when shée stretcheth out one wing alone, and afterward the other wing, and most com∣monly she doth that before she warbleth her.


Atua, online Maori dictionary

W. G. Faulkener, HAVVKING, Hunting, Fouling, and Fishing, with the true measures of blowing.